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Acalypha alopecuroidea  Jacq.  

Family: Euphorbiaceae


Vernacular Names: N/A

Country: Barbados              Parish: St. Michael

City: N/A

Named Place: Tyrol Cot, Spooners Hill


Image of Herbarium Sheet
Collector's No: SC1325 Barcode: 1468 Herbarium: BAR
Collection Date: 1990-08-05 Determination Date: 0000-00-00 Determined by R. A. Howard
Collector: C. M. Sean Carrington Collector Team:
Original Collection:

University of the West Indies


Frequency: Habitat: weed of garden
Plant Description:


Vegetation: GPS Reading:
Elevation Method: Elevation Height: Elevation Units:
Cultivated? No Rare? No

Label Note:

very tall (to 1m)

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