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NOTE: Ipomoea appears to be the synonym or part of the synonym name(s): Ipomoea spiralis, Ipomoea pes-capre.  Suggested Accepted names are listed below.

Search Criteria: Scientific Name is 'Ipomoea';  

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Family Scientific Name Common Name(s) Photo Growth Habit(s)
Convolvulaceae Ipomoea alba L. Belle de nuit, fleur de nuit, liane blanche bord de mer, Liane douce No Photo Available vine
Convolvulaceae Ipomoea aquatica Forsskal Image of: Ipomoea aquatica vine
Convolvulaceae Ipomoea asarifolia (Desr.) Roemer & Schultes No Photo Available vine
Convolvulaceae Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam. Patate douce, sweet potato Image of: Ipomoea batatas vine
Convolvulaceae Ipomoea cairica (L.) Sweet Liane a tonnelle Image of Plant: Ipomoea cairica (unvouchered) vine
Convolvulaceae Ipomoea carnea Jacq. ssp. fistulosa (C. Martius ex Choisy) D. Austin bush morning glory, Ologi di anochi, petite campanule Photo of plant shrub
Convolvulaceae Ipomoea eggersii (House) D. Austin Jumby potato Image of: Ipomoea eggersii vine
Convolvulaceae Ipomoea hederifolia L. lierson rouge, Liseron hallier, lizwon hazyƩ, scarlet ipomoea Image of Plant: Ipomoea hederifolia (unvouchered) vine
Convolvulaceae Ipomoea horsfalliae Hook. f. Liane rouge a tonnelle Photo of plant vine
Convolvulaceae Ipomoea imperati (M. Vahl) Griseb. Liseron blanc No Photo Available vine

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