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NOTE: Eupatorium appears to be the synonym or part of the synonym name(s): Eupatorium odoratum, Eupatorium celtidifolium, Eupatorium corymbosum, Eupatorium impetiolaris, Eupatorium integrifolium, Eupatorium iresinoides, Eupatorium ivifolium, Eupatorium macrophyllum, Eupatorium macrodon, Eupatorium magdalenae, Eupatorium microstemon, Eupatorium sinuatum, Eupatorium trigonocarpum, Eupatorium dussii, Eupatorium osseanum, Eupatorium macranthum.  Suggested Accepted names are listed below.

Search Criteria: Scientific Name is 'Eupatorium';  

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Family Scientific Name Common Name(s) Photo Growth Habit(s)
Asteraceae Chromolaena corymbosa (Aubl.) King & H.E. Robins. Image of: Chromolaena corymbosa shrub
Asteraceae Chromolaena dussii (Urban) R.M. King & H. Rob No Photo Available shrub
Asteraceae Chromolaena impetiolaris (Griseb.) Nicolson No Photo Available shrub
Asteraceae Chromolaena integrifolia (Spreng.) King and Robinson Violette bord de mer Image of: Chromolaena integrifolia shrub
Asteraceae Chromolaena ivifolia (L.) King & H.E. Robins. No Photo Available shrub
Asteraceae Chromolaena macrantha (Sw.) King & Robinson Photo of plant shrub
Asteraceae Chromolaena macrodon (DC.) Nicolson No Photo Available shrub
Asteraceae Chromolaena odorata (L.) King & Robinson baby tea, Christmas bush, Cough bush, fleurit-Noel, tu tu bam, white head Image of: Chromolaena odorata shrub
Asteraceae Chromolaena ossaeana (DC.) King & Robinson Image of: Chromolaena ossaeana shrub
Asteraceae Chromolaena sinuata (Lam.) King & H.E. Robins. Photo of plant shrub

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