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Family Scientific Name Common Name(s) Photo Growth Habit(s)
Fabaceae Bauhinia multinervia (Kunth) DC. mountain ebony, Petit flamboyant Image of: Bauhinia multinervia tree or tree-like
Begoniaceae Begonia retusa O. Schulz mountain manna Image of Plant: Begonia retusa (vouchered) herb
Rhizophoraceae Cassipourea guianensis Aublet bois agouti, bois de l'ail, bois l'ail, bwa agouti, garlic wood, goavier, Mountain coffee, pois die, ti café Image of: Cassipourea guianensis shrub, tree or tree-like
Oleaceae Chionanthus compactus Sw. bois de fer, bois fer blanc, bridgo tree, buckbill, mountain parry, white ironwood, Wild olive Image of Plant: Chionanthus compacta (unvouchered) shrub, tree or tree-like
Rubiaceae Chione venosa (Sw.) Urban Bois bande, branda, fatpork, grand branda, mastic, mountain spice, Violette No Photo Available tree or tree-like
Polygonaceae Coccoloba pubescens L. big leaf grape, bois grand' feuille, ducana leaf, grand feuille, gwan fey, knotty knave, large leaf, leather coat tree, Mountain grape, raisinier grandes feuilles, ti raisin, wezinye Image of Plant: Coccoloba pubescens (unvouchered) tree or tree-like
Burseraceae Dacryodes excelsa Vahl bois cochon, bois gommier, gomier blanc, gommier a canots, Gum elemi, mountain gommier Image of Plant: Dacryodes excelsa (unvouchered) tree or tree-like
Pentaphyllaceae Freziera undulata (Sw.) Willd. bois anoli, bois anonli, bois petite feuille, graine bleue des hauts, mountain mahogany Image of: Freziera undulata shrub, tree or tree-like
Annonaceae Guatteria caribaea Urban black bark, black mahoe, bois anglais, bois de l'Anglais, bois violin, bois violon, corossol marron, corossol montagne, maho nwe, mahoe cachon, Mahot anglais, mountain soursop, petit cachiman des bois, ti cachiman-bois Image of: Guatteria caribaea tree or tree-like
Malvaceae Hibiscus elatus Sw. blue maho, Blue mahoe, cuban bast, mahoe, majagua, mountain Image of: Hibiscus elatus tree or tree-like

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