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Family Scientific Name Common Name(s) Photo Growth Habit(s)
Anacardiaceae Anacardium occidentale L. Cashew, cashew nut, cherry nut, neva, noix-cajou, pomme-cajou, wild almond Image of Plant: Anacardium occidentale (unvouchered) tree or tree-like
Boraginaceae Bourreria succulenta Jacq. acomat cotelette, bambora, body wood, bois cabrit batard, bois puant, cafe mawon, cherry, chink, chinks wood, common manjack Image of Plant: Bourreria succulenta (unvouchered) shrub, tree or tree-like
Malpighiaceae Byrsonima lucida (Miller) DC. Clam cherry, gooseberry, olivier Image of Plant: Byrsonima lucida (unvouchered) shrub, tree or tree-like
Salicaceae Casearia decandra Jacq. artool, bois jaune, bwa jon, Coco-ravet, crack open, jaune d'oeuf, jon a ze, jumbie apple, koko wavet, wild cherry, wild honey tree Image of Plant: Casearia decandra (unvouchered) shrub, tree or tree-like
Boraginaceae Cordia collococca L. bird cherry, bonbon blanc, clammy cherry, cypre, mahot bre, manjak, mapou-riviere, red manjack, sip, slip, wild clammy cherry Image of: Cordia collococca tree or tree-like
Boraginaceae Cordia dentata Poiret Arbe a raisins, arbre a glu, bois-zizi, bwa zizi, English clammy cherry, lagli, mahot baril, mahot blanc, mapou blanc, sticky cherry, town clammy cherry Image of Plant: Cordia dentata (unvouchered) tree or tree-like
Boraginaceae Cordia obliqua Willd. clammy cherry, coco chat, Gum, kaka poul, sticky cherry, Turkey berry, white manjack Image of Plant: Cordia obliqua (unvouchered) tree or tree-like
Boraginaceae Cordia sulcata big leaf manjack, bois bre, bwa ble, bwa poul, Jack tree, manjak, sticking berry, wild clammy cherry Image of Plant: Cordia sulcata (unvouchered) tree or tree-like
Myrtaceae Eugenia domingensis O. Berg Black cherry No Photo Available tree or tree-like
Myrtaceae Eugenia ligustrina (Sw.) Willd. Black cherry, blackberry, cerise noire, Grosse merise, merise noire, Merisier, mewiz Image of Plant: Eugenia ligustrina (unvouchered) shrub, tree or tree-like

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