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Family Scientific Name Common Name(s) Photo Growth Habit(s)
Solanaceae Datura stramonium L. belladonna, comcombre a chien, David bush, fire blister bush, fireweed, joy juice, konkonb dyab, konkonb zonbi, mama day day, mama dede, nightshade, prickly burr, thorn apple Image of Plant: Datura stramonium (unvouchered) herb
Fabaceae Parkinsonia aculeata L. acacia savane, Arrete-boeuf, arrete-negre, bois-caca-rat, holy thorn, Jerusalem thorn, royal cashiaw Image of Plant: Parkinsonia aculeata (unvouchered) shrub, tree or tree-like
Nyctaginaceae Pisonia aculeata L. Blackthorn, cock spur, Croc-chien Image of Plant: Pisonia aculeata (unvouchered) shrub, vine
Fabaceae Pithecellobium dulce (Roxb.) Bentham madras thorn No Photo Available shrub, tree or tree-like
Sapotaceae Sideroxylon obovatum Lam. bois buis, bois de bouis, bois de fer, box tree, box wood, Boxwood, milky thorn, thorn tree Image of: Sideroxylon obovatum shrub, tree or tree-like
Rhamnaceae Ziziphus rignonii Delponte Thorn Image of: Ziziphus rignonii shrub, tree or tree-like

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