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Family Scientific Name Common Name(s) Photo Growth Habit(s)
Fabaceae Acaciella glauca (L.) L. Rico Amourette, Redwood Image of Plant: Acacia glauca (unvouchered) shrub, tree or tree-like
Convolvulaceae Cuscuta americana L. Corde a violon, dolly macaroni, herbe a z'amourelle, herbe a z'amourette, liane a cordon, liane sans fin, love vine, Teigne, vermicelle, yellow dad, yellow death, Yellow dodder Image of Plant: Cuscata americana (unvouchered) vine
Asteraceae Koanophyllon celtidifolium (Lamarck) King and Robinson amourette blanc, Tabac a diable No Photo Available shrub, tree or tree-like
Fabaceae Mimosa casta L. Amourette, Cock chien, honteuse male, kok chien, kok chyen Image of: Mimosa casta shrub
Fabaceae Mimosa ceratonia L var. ceratonia Amourette-grand-bois, Croc-chien, gratte-jambe Image of Plant: Mimosa ceratonia (unvouchered) shrub
Acanthaceae Oplonia microphylla (Lam.) Stearn Amourette, Arrete boef Image of: Oplonia microphylla shrub
Fabaceae Senegalia tamarindifolia (L.) Britton & Rose Cote-lezard, crockshare, grand amourette, haulback Image of: Acacia tamarindifolia (vouchered) shrub, tree or tree-like
Fabaceae Senegalia tenuifolia (L.) Britton var. tenuifolia acacia blanc, Amourette, pompons blancs No Photo Available vine
Lamiaceae Volkameria aculeata L. Amourette, bitter fence, coffee fence, Cough bush, hague bush, hog bush, miracle fence, pibry, piri, prayer berry, pree-bree, prickly wild coffee, Privet, privy fence, privy hedge, te bolanme, thé bord de mer, zanmouwet Image of Plant: Clerodendrum aculeatum (unvouchered) shrub

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