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Image of Plant: Aiphanes minima (unvouchered)
Common Names: chou pikan, glou glou, gwi gwi, Macaw palm

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Aiphanes minima  (Gaertner) Burret 

Family: Arecaceae


  1. Aiphanes erosa (Linden) Burret
  2. Aiphanes vincentiana Bailey
  3. Alloplectus luciana Bailey


Growth Habit(s): tree or tree-like

Leaf Arrangement: Alternate

Leaf Type: Compound

Flower Colours: white


General Distribution: Lesser Antilles

Found in the Lesser Antilles in Barbados, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent

Status: Endemic


Aiphanes minima is considered by some to extend to Hispaniola and Puerto Rico [Borrchsenius, F & Bernal R 91996) Aiphanes (Palmae). Fl. Neotrop. Mongr. 70:1-95. Others consider the Hispaniola and Puerto Rico plants to be Aiphanes acantophylla (Mart.) Burret. [Acevedo-Rodriguez, P & Strong, MT (2005) Monocots and Gymnoserms of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.] The 'nut' of the cooked fruit is edible.

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