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Family Scientific Name Common Name(s) Photo Growth Habit(s)
Lamiaceae Aegiphila elata Sw. No Photo Available shrub
Lamiaceae Aegiphila martinicensis Jacq. var. martinicensis Bois cabrit, bois cabroit, bois de fer, bwa kabwit, lance mahoe root, spirit weed Image of: Aegiphila martinicensis shrub, tree or tree-like
Lamiaceae Cantinoa mutabilis (Rich.) Harley & J.F.B. Pastore Herbe-melisse Photo of plant herb
Lamiaceae Clerodendrum chinense (Osb.) Mabberley herbe a Madame Villaret, Moselle, pain killer, rosa alba, stick bush, stinking bush, wez alba Image of Plant: Clerodendrum chinense (unvouchered) shrub
Lamiaceae Clerodendrum indicum (L.) Kuntze zeb a lon kou Image of Plant: Clerodendrum indicum (unvouchered) shrub
Lamiaceae Clerodendrum paniculatum L. pagoda flower Photo of plant shrub
Lamiaceae Clerodendrum quadriloculare (Blanco) Merr. star burst Image of: Clerodendrum ----- shrub, tree or tree-like
Lamiaceae Clerodendrum speciosissimum Van Geert ex Morren Image of: Clerodendrum speciosissimum shrub
Lamiaceae Condea verticillata (Jacq.) Harley & J.F.B. Pastore grand baume, herbe-volcan, Wild basilic Image of Plant: Hyptis verticillata (unvouchered) herb
Lamiaceae Cornutia pyramidata L. bois caral, Bois casava, bois pou-poule, bwa kasav Image of Plant: Cornutia pyramidata (unvouchered) shrub, tree or tree-like

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