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Plants Of The Eastern Caribbean

Online Database

Welcome to this online photo database devoted to the native and naturalized flowering plants of the islands of the Eastern Caribbean.

The aim of this website is to serve as an accessible resource for identifying the plants of the archipelago and to provide a forum for sharing information on Caribbean plants and their conservation.

The database comprises about two thousand flowering plants, mainly those found in the wild, although a few commonly cultivated plants are included. It encompasses as its starting point those species listed in the late Richard Howard's six-volume Flora of the Lesser Antilles, as well as those signalled for inclusion by more recent publications and by a network of regional experts.

NOTICE: The plant images shown on this website may not be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder, whose name appears as a watermark on each photograph.

You can cite this website as:
Broome, R, Sabir, K, Carrington, S. (2007) "Plants of the Eastern Caribbean".