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Common Names - W

Wa-Wa wachet wait-a-bit
wall cress Wallflower Orchid Wandering Jew
wappe Wappe-montagne warri
warri bush wart cress washer woman
Wassard water banana water cress
Water grass water hyacinth water lemon
water lettuce water melon water mint
Water Plantain water thistle water violet
water weed water wood Waterweed
Waterwood watjet jon wawai
wedelia West Indian alder West Indian Birch
West Indian cedar West Indian cherry West Indian elder
West Indian holly West Indian lilac West Indian mahogany
West Indian walnut wez alba wezen
wezinye wezinye lanme white beech
white bell white birch white brromweed
white cap bush white cedar white cinnamon
white crocus white deal White elder
White fig white french weed White gouti wood
white guava white head white head bush
white hoop white ironwood white jingle weed
white lady white lavendel white lily
White mangrove white manjack white masambee
White mustard white poui white prickle
white root white scrub white snow drop
White stock white top white vervain
white wattle White wattling white weed
white willow white wood white wythe
whitehead whore wine widdi widdi
Widelip Orchid wild ageratum wild almond
wild balata wild balsam apple wild bamboo
wild banana wild barsum Wild basilic
wild bay wild black pepper Wild black sage
wild breadfruit wild calabash wild cane
wild carey Wild cashew wild cherry
wild cinnamon wild clammy cherry wild clary
wild clavey wild clove wild clover
wild cocoa Wild coffee wild cotton
wild cress wild cucumber wild dolly
wild fig Wild frangipani wild french guava
Wild fuchsia wild geranium Wild grape
wild ground nut wild guava wild guave
Wild hogwood wild honey tree wild hop bush
wild hops wild jasmine wild kaimite
wild lavender wild lettuce wild liquorice
wild mahoe wild mammey apple Wild man support
wild marigold wild massambee wild mespili
wild mesple wild mint wild mustard
wild nutmeg Wild okra Wild olive
wild pamgramma wild parsley wild passion flower
wild pea wild peas wild pepper
wild pepper grass wild pine Wild Pineapple
wild plantain wild plum Wild plum rose
wild plumbago wild pomegrati wild potato
Wild potato vine Wild pumpkin wild raspberry
Wild sage wild salad wild senna
wild slip Wild soursop wild spinach
Wild star apple wild strawberry wild sweet pea
Wild Tamarind wild tan tan Wild taro
Wild tea Wild tobacco wild water-lemon
wild wist Winah wind bush
winer Winged Bog Orchid Winged Yam
wire grass wire weed wiss
witch broom woman stinging nettle Woman's tongue
womaren womaren bolanme wompuh
wonder-of-the-world wonder-of-world wonga
wood balsam wood rose worm bush
worm draft worm grass wormbush
Wormwood worry wine worwine