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Common Names - H

hague bush hammock milkpea hand leaf
hard grass hard leaf Haricot batard
haulback hay grass hazel
heart bush Heart seed Heartleaf
heartleaf philodendron Heather Hedge mustard
Hedgehog Gourd Henna herb soleil
herb-poison Herbe a balais herbe a bordure
herbe a borec Herbe a charpentier herbe a cloque
herbe a cornette herbe a dartres herbe a eternuer
herbe a fler herbe a inde Herbe a la veuve
Herbe a macornet Herbe a macronet herbe a Madame Lalie
herbe a Madame Villaret herbe a malingres Herbe a miel
herbe a pain herbe a pique Herbe a pique batard
Herbe a pou de bois herbe a poux Herbe a quaquia
herbe a the Herbe a tisane herbe a trement
herbe a vache herbe a vers herbe a z'amourelle
herbe a z'amourette Herbe argentee Herbe aux ortolans
Herbe blanche herbe citron Herbe couchee
herbe de vauchelet Herbe fragile herbe grass
Herbe grasse herbe grasse des bois Herbe grise
herbe lapin herbe mal-nom Herbe mauve
herbe poison herbe puante herbe Saint-Martin
Herbe soleil Herbe sure herbe-a-crabes
Herbe-au-long-case herbe-citronelle Herbe-grand bois
Herbe-mare Herbe-melisse Herbe-ravine
herbe-savane herbe-scorpion herbe-volcan
herison blanc herring bone herse
hetre gris Hetre orme hevea rubber
hibiscus Hibiscus-piment hilly hock mahogany
hog apple hog bhaji hog bush
hog butter hog feed hog food
hog meat Hog plum hog vine
hog wood hogmeat Hogweed
hogwood Hollow heart hollow wood
holly holly hock holly stalk
Hollyhock hollywood holocauste
holy thorn Honduras mahogany honey berry
honey bush honeysuckle honteuse male
Hoofdpijnblad hoop wiss Hop shrub
hopweed hornwort Horse bean
horse cassia horse eye horse nettle
horse nicker horse rub-down horseflesh
horseflesh mahogany hot bush Houtense
houtense femelle houx-pays hug me close
Hunter-man blossom hunterman blossom