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Common Names - C

cabbage cabbage bush cabbage palm
caca beke caca jacques caca poule
caca rat caca-betye caca-perruche
caca-rat Caca-ravet caca-soldat
Cacao sauvage cacao-montagne cachi-bou
cachian cochon cachian ontagne Cachibou
cachiman bois cachiman crème cachiman falaise
cachiman marron cachiman montagne cachiman morveaux
cachina chen boeuf cacibou cacnnier rouge
caco de grande terre cacoley cacolie
Caconier caconier blanc Caconnier
caconnier blac caconnier rouge cactus
Cadillo anaranjado cadillo de cienaga cadillo espinoso
cadillo pequeque café arron Café batard
Café blanc Café bois Café grand bois
café herb pua Café jaune Café marron
Café moka café montagne Café-bois
Café-marron café-montagne cafe grand bois
cafe jaune cafe mawon caimite
caimitier bois cajuca Calabash
calaloo calaloo chaud calaloo cho
calalou a dah calalu calebassier
callimato tree camasey Campeche
campechey wood Camphire cancer berry
canddragon de cermitiere candle bush candle wood
Candlewood Candlewood tree cane grass
canefice canefice batard Caneficer batard
Caneficier canellier batard canellier blanc
canfice-batard Canique jaune caniroc
canker berry Canna Lily cannelier
cannelle cannon ball tree caper tree
capi Capitaine bois caractere des hommes
Carapate carapite Carib tree
caribee bark tree caricature plant carila
carpet daisy case-hallier casha
cashaw cashee Cashew
cashew nut cashi pica Cashiman bois
cassava casse casse allee
casse puante casse-cou casse-habitant
casse-hallier Casse-savane cassia alata
cassia stick tree Cassie castor oil plant
casuarina cat claw cat's blood
cat's claw cat's whiskers caterpillar tree
cattle tongue cattle tongue bush Caya
Cedar celantro celemon bush
cemetery vine centepee plant Century Plant
cerasee cercle barril cerise bord de mer
Cerise capitaine cerise du pays cerise noire
cerise-montagne cerisier Cerisier montagne
cerisier-montagne chaconia chado beni
chadwon chadwon beni Champignon
champish chance chandelier
Chandeliere chandilye chandon benni
chaney bush changeable rose chapanthyé
chapantye gwan bwa chapeau carre chapeau d'eau
chapo glo charderon chardon
chardon marbre chardor beni chaste tree
chataignier chataignier 'ti fay Chataignier coco
chataignier grande feuille chataignier grandes feuilles chataignier marron
chataignier petit coco chataignier petit feuille chataignier petite feuille
chatennyé bab chat chatennyé ti koko chatenny gran fay
chatonier chaud grier chaw stick
chayote chayotte checkweed
Chene d'amerique chene noir chennet
cherry cherry nut cheveux de Venus
chew-stick Chickweed chiddle grape
chigger nut chiggery grape children weed
Chili grape chili plum chimbombo
china bush chine chinese lantern
Chinese lemon chink chinks wood
chinna chinna blan chinna wouj
chique chique chivi malad chivi malade
cho fle choaky berry Chocho
choky apple chorita chou caraibe
Chou Montagne Chou Palmiste chou pikan
chou-bord-de-mer chouchoute chouvalye wouj
Christmas blossom Christmas bush Christmas candle
Christmas grass Christmas hope christmas tree
Christmas wreath Christophe christophine
Church blossom church weed churchyard blosson
Chypre ciege-lezard cierge
cierge-liana cigar-box wood Ciguine
cillament cincona cinnamint
cinnammon Cinnamon cinnamon bush
citronella Citronelle citronnier
citronnier blanc citronnier graines vertes Citronnier-montage
cla cla Clam cherry clammy burr
clammy cherry clapper clean teeth
cliff balsam clock vine coast broom
Coca cocaine cochineal cactus
cock and hen Cock chien cock sorrel
cock spur cockleshell orchid Cockroach berry
cockroach grass Cockspur coco carette
coco carrette coco chat Coco Macaque
coco negre hebrew Coco plum coco poule
coco shot Coco-ravet Cocoa
coconier Coconut cocopoule
Cocotier coeur a boeuf coffee bush
coffee fence coin vine coirossol-diable
cola cola-nut cold withe
coleus colic bush Collant
collier-diable colored leaf columnar cactus
comcombre a chien common manjack conca berry
Concombre batard concombre diable concombre marron
concombre-hallier conga lala conga root
conishee consoude-grand bois consumption weed
Contrevent Coontail coot weed
cooze mahot copaiba coquelicot
corail Corail vegetale coral orchid
Coral plant coral vine coralila
Coralita coratoe corberry
cord kaco Corde a violon corjarot
cork wood corn grass corossol
Corossol a chien corossol grand bois corossol marron
corossol montagne Cossie Cossie balsam
Cote-lezard Cotelette grand feuille cotelette noir
cotticambo cotton coudrel
Cough bush Courbaril Cousin
cousin blanc cousin petit cousin rouge
Cousin-petit cow bean cow heel
cow heel bush cow itch cow pops
cow-itch cow-itch bush cowheel
Cowitch crab eye crab grass
crab wood crack open Crack-open
crackers crapaud crapaud bones
crapaud pumpkin crappo cre cre
cre cre blan cre cre blanc cre cre bwa
cre cre grand fey cre cre grand-feuille cre cre gwan bwa
cre cre gwan fey cre cre montagne cre cre montann
cre cre rouge cre cre wouj cre-cre noir
Cre-cre rouge creeping Charlie crepe ginger
Cress cresson a savane Cresson batard
Cresson courant cresson danois cresson sauvage
crete a coq Croc-chien croca chien
crockshare Crocus croton
crow broom crow foot grass crump wood
cuban bast cuchape cudjoe root
cue cue bawey culantro cum bush
cup tree Cupid's paintbrush curage
Curage des bois cure for all currant tree
cush-cush yam cusha Custard apple
cut grass Cutlet cuttard
cuttas bean cypre cypre-orange