Past Questions - Pteridophytes

1.    Write on both of the following:-
        (i)    the role of water in elater function and fern sporangial opening
        (ii)    heterospory

2.    Answer both parts:-
        (i)    Compare the life cycles of a fern and Selaginella.
        (ii)    How did the seed habit evolve?

3.   " The different stages of the plant life cycle vary in their dependance on water"
        Discuss this statement in relation to a named alga, a fern and Selaginella.

4.    Compare Selaginella  with a named fern.

5.    Write an essay on the Pteridophytes.

6.    Compare liverworts and ferns.

7.    With the aid of diagrams, compare the gametophytes of pteridophytes and gymnosperms.