Past Questions - Plant Evolution


Conquest of the land

1.    How may the land plants have evolved?

2.    It is argued that Rhynia and its relatives evolved from green algal ancestors. Describe the problems confronted in the
       transition from water to land and discuss how they were overcome.

3.    Describe the fossil plant Rhynia  and its contribution to our understanding of plant evolution.

4.    Write an essay on the first land plants.

5.    "Green algae are the precursors of land plants". Discuss.

Evolution of land plants and the seed habit

1.    Explain why flowers are considered to be spore-bearing organs.

2.    Describe the major stages in land plant evolution.

3.   What trends are apparent in the evolution of the land plants?

4.    Describe the major stages in the evolution of land plants.

5.    "Flowers produce spores not gametes". Explain this statement.

6.    Write an essay on the evolution of seed plants.

7.    Discuss how both the flower and the seed may have evolved in simple vascular plants.

8.    Compare the gametophytes of Ulva, Marchantia, and Pinus. Comment on any trends observed.

9.    Discuss heterospory and homospory in relation to the evolution of the flower.

10.    Discuss how the seed habit may have evolved in higher plants.

11.    "Green algae are the precursors of land plants". Discuss.

12.    Answer both parts:-
        (i)    Compare the life cycles of a fern and Selaginella.
        (ii)    How did the seed habit evolve?

13.    Discuss the relative dominance of the gametophyte generation in the major plant groups.