BIOL1020 Diversity of Life I:
The Plant Kingdom


 Prof. Sean Carrington, 
 Department of Biological & Chemical Sciences, 
 The University of the West Indies (UWI)
 Cave Hill Campus, Barbados.

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Course Text:

Evert & Eichhorn (2013) Biology of Plants
8th Edn. WH Freeman 
ISBN 9781464113512


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This course was inspired by an introductory botany course taught by the late
Philip Smith of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

The photographs on the web site are mainly original slides taken by the author except where otherwise indicated (e.g. photomicrographs from Biodisc)

Line drawings were taken largely from
Fawcett, W. & Rendle, A.B. (1914-1936) Flora of Jamaica, British Museum, London.
Sachs, J. (1882) Textbook of Botany, Clarendon Press, Oxford.
Strasburger, E. et al. (1908) Textbook of Botany, Macmillan, London.
Wettstein, R. (1935) Handbuch der systematischen botanik, Franz Deuticke, Leipzig & Wien.


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